We visited Argentina once in January 2020, made two stopovers in Buenos Aires on our trip to Colombia, also in 2020, just before the COVID lockdown, and then travelled here again in November 2022 with a couple of friends.

You can find the travel report of our first trip under Argentina 2020 and the second under Argentina 2022. The latter will be supplemented and is linked to the Brazil 2022 report.

Now that the political situation in Argentina has changed fundamentally due to the election victory of Mr Javier Milei at the end of 2023, I can no longer make any reliable statements about the basic conditions. In any case, the Federal Foreign Office writes about Argentina at the beginning of 2024

“The crime rate in Argentina is quite high. Caution and vigilance are required throughout the country. Attacks occur even during the day and even in better neighbourhoods. The perpetrators can be armed and do not shy away from using violence.”


However, if you are not hanging around in the neighbourhoods that are warned about everywhere anyway, you should have no fear for life and limb. Of course, it always makes sense to leave your Patek Philippe in the safe and maybe even your Louis Vuitton bag at home.

In any case, we were never actually worried that anything could happen to us and we were naturally not only out and about during the day, but also in the dark hours of the night, at the witching hour, all alone, … phew! Joking aside, you’d be missing out if you didn’t mingle with the colourful crowd that claims entire streets for itself on some evenings to dance the tango to loud music!