More Travel Pages

Villa Elika - Ferienwohnung in GriechenlandIn addition to this blog with travelogues from all kinds of destinations, I also have two more travel pages created on my own. The two sites mentioned below each deal with a specific topic.

Firstly, there is a website that presents our holiday home in Greece. As the house in question is located in a small village in the Peloponnese, we have named it Villa Elika. If you don’t want to leave this website, you can also find out more about this beautiful holiday apartment here.

Die Nordkappen am NordkapThere is also a blog that deals with my motorbike trips. I also publish travelogues there, but only those that are written from the saddle, so to speak. And there is also a short introduction to this independent website within this blog, which you can find by calling up the page “The Northcaps“.