• Rundreise durch Schottland der Schafsköpfe
    United Kingdom

    Round Trip through Scotland

    Three friends and I have planned to go on a round trip through Scotland at the end of May 2024. The realisation of such an idea sounds relatively simple at first. For example, something like this: start in Edinburgh or Glasgow and then just “once round” – a round trip “around” instead of a round trip through Scotland! Theoretically, that…

  • Tokyo -Zürich Anzeigetafel Narita
    Around the World

    From Tokyo to Nuremberg

    Our last tourist highlight for the time being is the journey home from Tokyo to Nuremberg. To be honest: There is of course no direct flight from Tokyo to Nuremberg. Our flight route is again due to the best price and takes us from Tokyo via Zurich to Milan. From there we continue on to Frankfurt the next day, where…

  • Teppanyaki im Conrad Tokyo
    Hilton Hotels,  Around the World,  Japan

    Teppanyaki at Conrad Tokyo

    A stay in Japan without at least one… Teppanyaki … to have enjoyed it is a lost stay – we were told. Now there is an area in the restaurant directly in the hotel, where two counters with around four chairs each invite you to enjoy this special form of dining. On the topic of Teppanyaki Wikipedia has the following…

  • Conrad Tokyo
    Hilton Hotels

    Conrad Tokyo

    Conrad Tokyo … … as soon as you hear the name, you can start dreaming. We have already visited a number of hotels that have the label “luxury hotel”, 5-star hotel or similar attributes. But only a few of them reach the standard of this exclusive house. Location: The Conrad Tokyo is in the Minato district, almost right on the…

  • Shibuya Kreuzung
    Around the World,  Japan

    Shibuya Crossing

    Another tourist anchor point in Tokyo is certainly the Shibuya Crossing. the “everybody walks crossing”. And as always: Wikipedia knows everything: The Shibuya Crossing (English for Japanese: 渋谷スクランブル交差点; Hepburn: Shibuya sukuranburu kōsaten, “Scramble crossing  Shibuya”) is a Road Crossing in the district  Shibuya (actually Dōgenzaka/Udagawachō/Jinnan according to the address) of the district Shibuya in Tokyo. It is located in front of the Hachikō exit of Shibuya Station and has the busiest…

  • Skytree von Tokyo
    Around the World,  Japan

    Skytree of Tokyo

    The Skytree of Tokyo After a very restful night, the Tokyo Skytree is on the agenda today. After a first-class breakfast in the lounge at Conrad Tokyo – again served by extremely friendly people – we make our way to the next subway. Train station to fight again against the machines from which we just want to buy a normal…

  • Welcome to Japan
    Around the World,  Japan


    Tokyo An overnight flight lasting over ten hours from Auckland to Tokyo has the clear advantage that you don’t get off the plane dead tired when you arrive, but rather well rested. At least one should assume so. At Narita Airport, the immigration process runs surprisingly smoothly and shortly afterwards we find ourselves at a loss in front of the…

  • von Neuseeland nach Japan
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    From New Zealand to Japan

    When we fly today… from New Zealand to Japan … we’re changing continents again. But it’s not that far yet. The flight from New Zealand to Japan only leaves Auckland five minutes before midnight. So more than enough time for everything possible. In the morning we enjoy breakfast in the Hotel without being rushed or under time pressure. Because the…

  • Milford Sound
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Morning at Milford Sound

    A morning at Milford Sound… … you simply have to experience it once. It’s quite difficult to describe an experience like this because once again I don’t have the words. Still, I want to try it. The difference couldn’t be bigger, especially after the completely rainy evening. We wake up relatively early and are the first on deck. The air…

  • Milford Mariner
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Milford Sound

    The Milford Sound… is the southernmost point of our 2024 world trip. At the same time, it is one of the absolute highlights of this trip. Not only because this fjord offers a breathtaking backdrop, but because it is my former lover and now wife’s birthday. And we want to celebrate this on a ship where we will also sleep.…