• Saint Conan's Kirk
    United Kingdom

    From Fort Williams to Glasgow

    Today the highlights will be a little rarer, but we are still looking forward to the drive from Fort Williams to Glasgow. Especially because after just a few kilometers we reach the nucleus of the “Highland Titles”. This is a project to preserve the Scottish landscape that was once born in Glencoe. The concept involves selling land in small parcels…

  • Eilean Donan Castle
    United Kingdom

    From Ullapool to Fort Williams

    The journey from Ullapool to Fort Williams will involve a ferry route. The weather is even more common. Please note that the tickets are ready for dispatch. Unfortunately, the latest available appointment that day was shortly after 1 p.m. And we also know that the condition of the roads between Ullapool and Fort Williams was a bit unclear and I…

  • Norküste von Schottland
    United Kingdom

    North Coast of Scotland

    The alarm clock would have rung at just after six today if we were using one. So we wake up on time for the tour along the north coast of Scotland without this aid. A small packed lunch on the doorstep makes up for the missed breakfast. And why do we have to leave so early? The ferry from the…

  • Höhepunkte auf den Orkneys
    United Kingdom

    Highlights of the Orkneys

    So what really are the highlights of the Orkneys? Of course, as always in Scotland, the landscape wins. But the places where prehistoric artefacts have been found are at least on a par. And that’s exactly what we want to see at our leisure today. If we had known that one of the highlights of the Orkneys really was our…

  • From Inverness to the Orkneys
    United Kingdom

    From Inverness to the Orkneys

    The route from Inverness to the Orkneys takes us northwards along the east coast. In the past people took the ferry from John o’Groats across to the islands and back to the mainland. Incidentally, it was on the return journey about 45 years ago that I got really sick on a boat for the first time. Before that, I didn’t…

  • Loch Ness - Nessie
    United Kingdom

    Loch Ness and Inverness

    The highlight of today’s stage is certainly Loch Ness. But before we get there, we want to have a look around the Cairngorms. That’s why we first turn left at Aviemore and drive steadily upwards through a wonderful landscape. At the end of the road, a relatively large car park awaits us, which is already quite full. But what are…

  • cairngorms collage
    United Kingdom

    Through the Highlands

    The plan for today is to cruise through the Highlands and discover some beautiful corners of this unique landscape. After yesterday’s unusually beautiful weather during our visit to the Royal Mile and some other beautiful corners of Edinburgh, we are naturally hoping for the same on today’s journey through the Highlands. But even during the night, we heard noises that…

  • Anreise nach Edinburgh
    United Kingdom

    Journey to Edinburgh

    Our journey to Edinburgh today starts practically before we even get out of bed! We had actually booked a very convenient schedule; however, as is now almost common practice with Lufthansa, flights are cancelled or rebooked at short notice, so that the routes still available no longer actually fit into the schedule. However, as the overnight stays have already been…

  • Rundreise durch Schottland der Schafsköpfe
    United Kingdom

    Round Trip through Scotland

    Three friends and I have planned to go on a round trip through Scotland at the end of May 2024. The realisation of such an idea sounds relatively simple at first. For example, something like this: start in Edinburgh or Glasgow and then just “once round” – a round trip “around” instead of a round trip through Scotland! Theoretically, that…

  • Tokyo -Zürich Anzeigetafel Narita
    Around the World

    From Tokyo to Nuremberg

    Our last tourist highlight for the time being is the journey home from Tokyo to Nuremberg. To be honest: There is of course no direct flight from Tokyo to Nuremberg. Our flight route is again due to the best price and takes us from Tokyo via Zurich to Milan. From there we continue on to Frankfurt the next day, where…