• Monuriki Island
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    Trip to Tom Hanks Island

    A trip to Tom Hanks Island is simply a must on a holiday in the island state of Fiji! Although you can never really be sure which name is currently used for the island. If you ask someone about Tom Hanks Island, there will be a huge question mark on their forehead until they tap it and say: “Oh, you…

  • Flag_of_Fiji
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    Viti Levu at Fiji

    When people talk about Fiji, they almost always mean Viti Levu, the main island of the island state of Fiji. Wikipedia knows the following about this country (small excerpt): Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji (in Fiji: Viti or Matanitu ko Viti; English Fiji or Republic of Fiji), is an island state in the South Pacific north of New Zealand…

  • Hilton Fiji - Pool
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    From Auckland to Fiji

    The flight from Auckland to Fiji also departs extremely punctually. As a German user of aeroplanes and trains, you have to get used to that! And because I talked about the strange seating in the front of the cabin in the last post, I can continue with this topic here: In the Boeing 787 there is 1-1-1 seating, and again…