• von Neuseeland nach Japan
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    From New Zealand to Japan

    When we fly today… from New Zealand to Japan … we’re changing continents again. But it’s not that far yet. The flight from New Zealand to Japan only leaves Auckland five minutes before midnight. So more than enough time for everything possible. In the morning we enjoy breakfast in the Hotel without being rushed or under time pressure. Because the…

  • Milford Sound
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Morning at Milford Sound

    A morning at Milford Sound… … you simply have to experience it once. It’s quite difficult to describe an experience like this because once again I don’t have the words. Still, I want to try it. The difference couldn’t be bigger, especially after the completely rainy evening. We wake up relatively early and are the first on deck. The air…

  • Milford Mariner
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Milford Sound

    The Milford Sound… is the southernmost point of our 2024 world trip. At the same time, it is one of the absolute highlights of this trip. Not only because this fjord offers a breathtaking backdrop, but because it is my former lover and now wife’s birthday. And we want to celebrate this on a ship where we will also sleep.…

  • SH6 to Queenstown
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Heading Queenstown

    Over the Haast Pass to Queenstown The worry that we might be washed away by the torrential rain overnight doesn’t seem so far-fetched once we wake up. The road we took here yesterday is actually closed just past Fox Glacier heading north because the water there caused some of the slopes to slide, burying the road. Once again you can…

  • von Hokotika nach Fox Glacier
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Fox Glacier

    Today’s destination is Fox Glacier. This is a small town on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, which derives its name from the glacier that hangs high in the mountains, the Fox Glacier. To get there you have to cross the Cook Strait to the South Island and then a long way “down” the west coast…

  • Wellington
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    From Russell to Wellington

    The journey from Russell to Wellington After a pleasant night at the Duke of Marlborough, we want to meet for breakfast at eight o’clock. Surprise: breakfast is not included! Well, then we don’t need one. There are other bakers in the world! On the way south from Russel to Wellington we could now use the ferry again that we took…

  • Giant-Sand-Dunes
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Cape Reinga – Russell

    Across Cape Reinga to the Bay of Islands A tour of the north of the North Island is not complete without visiting Cap Reinga, they say. Well then, let’s start for Cape Reinga. After almost a hundred kilometers we will have reached the northernmost tip of New Zealand. Many cattle and sheep graze on the lush meadows to the left…

  • Twin Coast Discovery Highway
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Twin Coast Discovery Highway – West

    On the itinerary for today is the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, which runs along the coast on the western side of the North Island. On the way there, of course, we first have to get the pretty good breakfast behind us and heave our luggage, and not least ourselves, into the car. Well, that part is already done. The Twin…

  • Von Fiji nach Auckland - Harbour Bridge
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    From Fiji to Auckland

    The stage from Fiji to Auckland … is pretty unspectacular. That’s why there’s not really much to tell here. We had already organized our return transport from the hotel to the airport in advance. The driver will pick us up at 11am – hopefully! So we have enough time for breakfast, which we make full use of. For the umpteenth…