Von Fiji nach Auckland - Harbour Bridge
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From Fiji to Auckland

The stage from Fiji to Auckland

… is pretty unspectacular. That’s why there’s not really much to tell here. We had already organized our return transport from the hotel to the airport in advance. The driver will pick us up at 11am – hopefully!

So we have enough time for breakfast, which we make full use of. For the umpteenth time we eat at Koro because there is a little less choice there than at Noro, but there are no children at all. So we can literally start the day calmly.

Then we pack the rest of our belongings into our suitcases and again we are amazed at the strange rule that everything always fits perfectly into the boxes, and then you’ve hardly been on the road for a few days before you seem to have to pack twice as much! But of course we can get the suitcase closed as always.

But what really seems to be the case: the luggage has become significantly heavier. We really didn’t add anything that wasn’t ours before. Maybe, we suspect, it is due to the high humidity, which made our luggage noticeably heavier.

We are picked up on time with the golf cart in front of our house number 3408 and driven to the lobby, where we check out and are actually picked up on time by a really nice driver. After the trip we know almost all of Thomas’ family history and get off at the airport in a good mood.

Everything else is almost a habit; Passport control and hand luggage checks go smoothly, and after a quick refreshment in the lounge, we’re already sitting on the plane with the strange herringbone seating we mentioned before.

Arrival in Auckland

We arrive safely in Auckland without any major wobbling. The controls when entering New Zealand are sometimes very meticulous. For hiking boots, for example, it is strongly recommended to clean the profile of the soles with a brush so that there are no crumbs of earth left. Flower seeds or other plant-based “substances” may not be found on you either, otherwise there will be severe penalties.

You just want to protect yourself as best as possible against foreign viruses and contamination of your own nature. Why not? On an island, these efforts should certainly be worth it!

Liza and I then head straight to the car rental company and are glad that we still have a certified translation of our driving license from our last visit to New Zealand. Otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten the car despite having an international driving license. Apparently every car rental company handles the certified translation a little differently; on the official government websites</a > In any case, the need for such a document is pointed out.

The car we get is a Ford Ranger Wildtrack, brand new, white and a real monster. that easily swallows our three large and four small suitcases and welcomes the four people with plenty of space and comfort.

Hilton Auckland

Half an hour later we were also welcomed to the Hilton Auckland, where we got a great upgrade to a room on the top floor with a view over the harbor .

Unfortunately, my three fellow travelers are no longer able to set foot outside the door. So I set off alone. The mood among the countless people who are hanging out in the bars and cafés in the harbor area is relaxed and positive. I feel “good vibes” everywhere. I let these friendly waves carry me into the city and a short time later I find myself in an authentic beer bar, frequented mostly by locals, where I treat myself to two IPAs and Alexander Zverev’s victory against Norrie in the Melbourne Grand Slam.

Back at the hotel I experienced another remarkable service: when we registered, we were given vouchers for a drink each at the bar, which I of course left in the room. The concierge somehow notices this, and two minutes later I am given two newly issued vouchers with a friendly smile, which I convert into a double twelve-year-old Glengoyne at the bar.

This is the perfect sip for good night and I hereby say goodbye to you! See you in the morning!


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