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The house itself is a 300 year old Venetian villa in a small village at the southern end of the eastern finger of the Peloponnese in Greece. There is Elika on the western side of “the finger”, facing the bay of Laconia. That means we look across the sea to the mountain ranges of Mani, the “middle finger” of the Peloponnese.

About twenty kilometers over the mountain, on the east side of “our finger” there is Monemvasia, a huge rock crowned by a monastery. Below the monastery there is a place that does not need to shy away from comparison with Mont-Saint-Michel. For many visitors, historic Monemvasia has even more charm and magic than its French counterpart.

Of course, there are more than enough things worth seeing apart from to Monemvasia if you want to spend all or part of your vacation at Villa-Elika.


Directly “down” by the sea you will find some actually untouched beaches with the finest sand. The “below” means that it’s less than a five-minute drive from Villa-Elika down to the beaches. Our guests have already walked the route without any problems to do some sport.

Less than twenty kilometers to the south lies the island of Elafonisos, which is extremely popular with tourists and locals. You can reach the small island with a car ferry, which takes less than ten minutes to travel from Pounta to Elafonisos.

There you come across “Simos Beach”, which has been repeatedly described as the most beautiful beach in Greece. The two beach sections “Simos” and “Anti Simos” are characterized by crystal clear, Caribbean-looking water, the finest sand and a rather unique location. You can spread out wherever you like with a parasol, towels, beach tents or loungers, or rent parasols and two loungers. 

With the latter option, Simos Beach even offers catering at reasonable prices directly on site. There are also various beach bars with a variety of food and drink options.

You will also discover many kilometers of wonderful sandy beaches if you explore our surroundings by car or two-wheeler. You will also notice that most of these beaches are completely untouched, undeveloped and partly hidden from view. On busier beaches you will almost exclusively meet Greeks, as our corner has been completely spared from mass tourism.


Especially in the summer months, many pubs, cafes and restaurants are open in our immediate area. On the beach of Marathias alone, which is the town on the beach that belongs to Elika, there are wonderful inns, some of which you can sit right by the water.

In the village itself there is a Psistaria within walking distance. In Germany we would roughly translate that as a restaurant where people grill and roast over an open fire. Here, at Ligeri, you can still get real Greek food at extremely reasonable prices.

If you want to have a quick snack, coffee, wine, ouzo or a beer, look forward to Sofia and Manoli, who run the central village café. You don’t even need to wear sturdy shoes because it’s located right below Villa-Elika. From the terrace of the holiday apartment you overlook the roof of the Kafenion Prosilio.

Prosilio are two Greek words: pros, which means “to”, and “ilio” simply means the sun. In English the café would be called “To the sun”.  


There are different ways to get to Villa-Elika from Germany and other countries:

  • By car you can either travel to the Peloponnese completely overland via Thessaloniki or Albania, or first to Italy and then take one of the ferries from Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi to Igoumenitsa or Patras in the Peloponnese.</li >
  • By plane you head to Athens or Kalamata, from where you have to drive around 350 km with a rental car from Athens, of which 250 km are on the motorway and from Kalamata around 150 km – around 80 km on the motorway – passing unexpected landscapes, small villages and authentic Greece.


Villa Elika is probably not suitable for people for whom the ideal vacation consists of being driven from the airport to the hotel, lying around on the beach and being completely pampered the entire time. For all other holiday types, we have everything your heart desires and above all: a still pretty original and authentic part of Greece!

The apartment on the ground floor is perfect for two adults, but parents with one child or a maximum of two children would also find enough space.

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