Milford Sound
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Morning at Milford Sound

A morning at Milford Sound…

… you simply have to experience it once. It’s quite difficult to describe an experience like this because once again I don’t have the words. Still, I want to try it. The difference couldn’t be bigger, especially after the completely rainy evening. We wake up relatively early and are the first on deck. The air smells delicious!

And then the peaks of the highest mountains are bathed in golden light. An incomparable sight! We are at sea level and the illuminated mountain peaks rise above 2000m! It’s still dark down here and the sun is already shining way up there.

It is simply indescribably touching. And now we actually see the landscape surrounding us in all its beauty. After breakfast, which almost all guests on board have alone with a cup of coffee in their hand, the skipper steams all the way out to sea. That too is sensationally adventurous. There is still a huge swell running towards our bow and Sabine is seriously considering going through yesterday’s dinner again.

As the ship turns and we head back into Milford Sound with the swell, the ship’s movements calm down significantly and Sabine can now enjoy the morning on Milford Sound to the fullest again.

Unfortunately, pretty punctually at nine o’clock, the “Morning at Milford Sound” experience comes to an end. We are now moving back on land towards Te Anau. Here too today we see the magical landscape in all its splendor in bright sunshine.

Of course, today we are taking exactly the same route back to Queenstown that we took yesterday. The big difference is the weather: it is simply fantastic! The sun warms us so well in Te Anau that we can leave our jackets and sweaters in the car.

We actually wanted to use the time we have today to finally visit the most beautiful cave with glow worms on the South Island. But unfortunately we arrive in Te Anau a little too late and the boat that goes to the cave entrance on the other side of the lake has just left. The next ferry wouldn’t leave for another two hours. and that is clearly too late for us.

We’d rather eat a little something and then drive on to go to the Hilton Resort and Spa QueenstownHilton Resort and Spa Queenstown< /a> to move into our rooms. After this morning at Milford Sound, nothing can top the day anyway. We thought.

In the evening we visit the city of Queenstown again and this time we stop at the shop, where we unfortunately couldn’t get a free table the day before yesterday because the tables outside were unusable due to the heavy rain.

Today, however, we get wonderful seats in the still-warming “Captains Restaurant and Bar“. Evening sun. The main reason we want to eat here is because our favorite New Zealand dish is on the menu: Seafood Chowder! After a small starter consisting of six excellent oysters, we once again enjoy what is probably New Zealand’s best fish soup. By the way, all the chowders so far have been the best we’ve ever eaten!

After this culmination of a wonderful day, there really is nothing more to come than a fantastic bed. And therefore a relaxed “Goodnight” for today!

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