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Journey to Edinburgh

Journey to Edinburgh

Our journey to Edinburgh today starts practically before we even get out of bed! We had actually booked a very convenient schedule; however, as is now almost common practice with Lufthansa, flights are cancelled or rebooked at short notice, so that the routes still available no longer actually fit into the schedule.

However, as the overnight stays have already been booked in advance, we definitely have to start our journey to Edinburgh on this day. The only way to get there at a reasonable time is to board the Lufthansa Express bus to Munich at Nuremberg Airport at 05:15 and then fly from MUC to EDI.

The journey to Edinburgh

Fortunately, the Lufthansa Express bus is very comfortable and takes us safely and punctually to the airport in Munich. According to the timetable, it departs from Nuremberg at 05:15 and arrives in Munich at 07:30 with the “flight number” LH 3801. We continue at 08:45 with LH 2524 to Edinburgh, where we land on schedule at 10:05.

The flight went without any incidents worth mentioning and we arrived in Edinburgh pretty much on time. Picking up the hire car does not present us with any insurmountable problems either, so we drive into the Scottish metropolis in the late morning. What’s more, the first few kilometers of sitting on the wrong side and driving on the wrong side of the road are very relaxed.

When we arrive near our “hotel”, we park the car in an underground garage that I had already booked from Germany. And then we walk the 100 meters to the Lochrin basin. This is a canal that ends here at Fountainbridge. And a typical English canal boat is moored at this end, painted green like the two other canals: one of them is our accommodation for the night: the “Four Sisters Boatel”.

We receive a very warm and friendly welcome and are instructed in the basic procedures. Operating the heating is not so easy and using the water is anything but trivial. Nevertheless, we are very impressed by the special atmosphere in the houseboat.

After the landlord hasn’t quite finished cleaning, we walk about a kilometer into the Lothian Rad to Usher Hall. I remember the “Shakespeare” there from my stay with Liza, a wonderful pub in the old English style, where you can choose from tasty snacks to a full meal.

We treat ourselves to a few snacks there, including a portion of haggies, of course. Three of us really like it, but dear Georg doesn’t reject it because of the taste, but because he “knows what’s in it”! But everything else and especially the local pale ale goes down very well with the four of us.

After popping back “home” for a change of clothes and a few rounds of Schafkopf, we finally set off on the long walk through the center of Edinburgh Old Town. We end up covering a good eight kilometers on foot today.

As far as the highlights are concerned, we start at the Grassmarket, work our way through “Harry Potter Lane”, actually Victoria Street, and then watch the hustle and bustle from above from Victoria Terrace. The next path takes us to the Castle, where there are no longer even tickets for a short tour.

There really are an incredible number of people on the streets. You can easily spot the Scots by the fact that they are wearing shorts and often just a T-shirt, while we protect ourselves from the cold wind with a sweater and anorak. Apparently, the inhabitants here are used to much nastier weather.

On the way down the Royal Mile to Castle Rock, we see more than one colorful bird. A number of bizarre characters line the street, all hoping for a few extra pounds from the tourists’ pockets. We take our first short break at August37, where we quench our thirst with pale ale and cider.

We cross the North Bridge to the north side of the city and then walk back up to the Royal Mile under Waverly station. As a precaution, we have reserved a table at No. 1 High Street, where we are warmly welcomed and seated. Again, we all order the “Haggies Tower”, which is a patty of haggies on a tower of mashed potato, surrounded by whisky sauce.

What initially looks like something for a small appetite makes us audibly gasp at the end; but it’s really tasty and we enjoy it to the last bite! The good beer with it does the rest to make the dinner perfect.

On the boat, we play cards until we can’t see any more and fall into bed exhausted after a very long day with lots of experiences. So for now, good night!

Pictures will come later!

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