• von Hokotika nach Fox Glacier
    Around the World,  New Zealand

    Fox Glacier

    Today’s destination is Fox Glacier. This is a small town on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, which derives its name from the glacier that hangs high in the mountains, the Fox Glacier. To get there you have to cross the Cook Strait to the South Island and then a long way “down” the west coast…

  • Planning RTW Tour 2024 Planung der Weltreise 2024
    Around the World

    Planning RTW Trip 2024

    RTW = Round the World Planning RTW Trip 2024 is pretty much in the bag. I’m now going to give you a rough outline of what we have planned. We’re actually starting our trip around the world 2024 in the traditional way at Nuremberg Airport on Thursday, 11 January. We will first fly via Frankfurt to Milan, where we will…