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Flight Schedule Round The World 2024

The flight Flight Schedule Round The World…

… 2024 is now (hopefully) finalised! Over the past few days, almost all the airlines involved have repeatedly made changes to the flight schedule for the world tour, but of course I have to admit that we are talking about a whole series of flights and that many imponderables are to be expected.

Very short layover in Frankfurt

It is extremely important that the very first leg from Nuremberg via Frankfurt to Milan goes without a hitch. After all, the flight from Nuremberg to Frankfurt often takes off from Nuremberg with a considerable delay.

However, as we don’t land in Frankfurt until 7.30pm, the aircraft is parked safely in an outside position and we are then taken to the terminal by bus, the purely mathematical hour until departure to Milan is already significantly reduced. As boarding usually begins half an hour before departure, the time available shrinks by another thirty minutes.

Hope dies last

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t give up hope too early that everything will still work out. On our return journey from South Africa six weeks ago, we also landed in Frankfurt quite late. And although all the flight attendants talked us out of any hopes of catching the flight to Nuremberg as we disembarked, we took our old legs in our hands and covered the distance to the gate in record time.

Completely out of breath and only about a minute before the gate was officially closed, we arrived at the counter. A rather grumpy lady was waiting for us there, who briefly and harshly told us to take our seats and wait nicely for boarding to begin.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the delay of a connecting flight even if you are actually dependent on it due to the delay of the previous one.

And here is the complete Flight Schedule Round The World:


flight schedule round the world - Flugplan der Weltreise 2024


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