Teppanyaki im Conrad Tokyo
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Teppanyaki at Conrad Tokyo

A stay in Japan without at least one…


… to have enjoyed it is a lost stay – we were told. Now there is an area in the restaurant directly in the hotel, where two counters with around four chairs each invite you to enjoy this special form of dining.

On the topic of Teppanyaki Wikipedia has the following to say:

Teppanyaki (Japanese 鉄板焼きkana  てっぱんやき) are dishes from Japanese cuisine, which is served on a steel plate (鉄板 teppan, literally “iron plate”) are prepared directly at the table. (…) A central part of the grilling process is preparing food in front of the guests. Cooking becomes a social event.[6 ] From a health perspective, the particularly low fat consumption and the hygienically easy cleaning of the grill plate should be highlighted.

We are really looking forward to the “social event” and are shown to our seats promptly at half past seven by the – as always – extremely nice employee dressed like a geisha.

I don’t really want to waste many words here; Rather, some pictures should now be able to give a much clearer statement of this unique experience of a real teppanyaki in Japan! For other people this might be completely normal, but for us… wow!


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